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Crystal healing workshops with Michelle Underwood







Crystal healing workshops with Michelle Underwood







Crystal healing workshops with Michelle Underwood







Crystal healing workshops with Michelle Underwood







Crystal healing workshops with Michelle Underwood


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From those who have attended the Crystal Awakening Foundation Workshop
Amazing!!! Awesome!!! BLEW ME AWAY!!! Thank you so much Shelly for introducing me to the wonderful world of Crystals! "I'm HOOKED" I always had a pendant but never went any further with crystals then buy one , cleanse and wear but now I'm booking the next course! Thanks to you and to the crystals many thanks cheers, Ally.

- Ally Gibbons


A wonderful fulfilling experience. Fill with love and energy. My Pleasurer and privilege to be part of it.

- Penny Jansen


Thank you Shelly for an awesome day. I have learned quiet a lot today about crystals and cant wait to try it out. I have woken up a brand new woman. I can t wait for the intermediate one in February.

- Laurelle Altman


For me this was a refresher course that I badly needed. It has created a shift within me giving me an even greater understanding of energy particular the human energy fields. It was so inspirational not because of the content only but by the way it was presented with love. It was a fabulous day thank you, Walter.

- Walter Mortensen


Throughly enjoyable it was a privilege to meet and to share experiences with like minded people And to be able to touch and experience many crystals I have only read about. Thank you!!

- Dale Hopewell


This was earth shattering eye opening it was a shift that I was waiting for. Shelly is a fabulous teacher who,s experience of natural talent made this course all the more enjoyable. I am honored and blessed to be able to experience this workshop. I look forward to the next installment of it laughter and growth, Akiah Elain.

- Akiah Elain


A Profound experience identifying yet another form of spiritual energy. Learning about grids and its activation how the energy vibrations expands and our connection to that and the healing powers we hold. Our teacher shelly's approach was absolutely special gifted thank you, Anne bedgood.

- Anne Bedgood


The most amazing phenomenal learning experience I have been blessed to participate in .Thank you Shelly looking forward to seeing you in July for the next step of the journey.

- Felicity Chapman


Thank you Shelly for a wonderful day. You made all of the information easy to understand with plenty of time to ask questions if not sure of the information we were receiving. I have learned quiet a lot today and look forward to the next level of the course. I look forward also to implementing what I have learnt today on my reiki clients. We are all going to benefit from today many thanks again for a great day

- Penny Gunning


Great loved it, want more! Especially the griding and master crystals Namaste

- Leigh Miley


I really enjoyed the whole day, found it facinating and very empowering. I learned a lot everything was explained throughly and I like how we would stop and discuss things more deeply and share case serious it helped me get a grasp of what we were learning. Meet lovely people and felt supported by like minded people. I felt I could speak out with out being judged and shared thoughts very informative and I loved the hands on activities.

- Jodie Nelson


Shelly I am so blessed to have experienced your foundation workshop in Moranbah. To be with other like minded people was amazing. The grids , the chakra healing's the meditations amazing!!

- Sharon Lindsay, Moranbah


From those who have attended the Crystal Awakening Intermediate Workshop
What an awesome workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day intermediate workshop with Shelly. Also wonderful information, beautiful energy and such an honor to work with all who attended.Awesome!

- Helen Lindsay


course is amazing. I think of crystals in a whole new light.Shelly was inspirational and a awesome teacher. My journey has just began!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Kylie Lyndsay


Intermediate Workshop was amazing I learned so much and have really felt a shift in my healing knowledge and crystal awareness..."Love you Shelly"

- Sharon Lindsay


Shelly rocks!!!!! She made a scary thought into an achievable goal

- Felcity Chapman


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend as I am very much into my journey at this point of my leap of faith with it. I have come away with a lightness I have not felt in such a long time. I feel more in tuned, alive I feel at peace with my being and know this is a major advancement in my path as a being of divine. I am honored and grateful for the presence of shelly in my life she is a natural teacher/healer I thank her and send her unconditional love & light

- Amanda Deering of Akiah Elain


Shelly provided me with one of the best and most rewarding spiritual experiences I have had to date. Her gentle demeaor was encouraging and nurturing her knowledge astounding and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being there for me on my Journey

- Jackie Martin, Proserpine


Participating in the intermediate crystal workshop.I have en likened it to crowning the cap stone of the great pyramid.It has assisted me in raising my vibrational frequency into a higher level of consciousness and the assistance of the crystal facilitator Shelly has been over whelming in her presentation aided by her open heart chakra. Our blessings are truly under her guidance in love and light

- Anne Bedgood