Staffs & Wands

Hand made Wands & Staffs made with love and devotion, by Luna Raven Fire Weaver.

By the power of the Elements I dedicate this Wand to heal the Earth,To Channel your Power, to Harm None and Find Truth.” I dedicate this Magic Wand in the name of the Ancient Times.

By the Power of All that is Good, All that is True, My Wands honors & amplifies the Magic in me and the Magic in you,

– Luna Raven Fire weaver.

My Wands & Staffs are all made from falling branches only. All Wands & Staffs are one of a kind and are made with love and Devotion. Each wand has sat in the moon light the night before the full moon and the night of the full moon and the night after the full moon. All Wands come with certificates, and they tell me their names and what they are meant for as I am making them. They all have there own animal spirit and are anointed with special oils that are placed in the handle of the wands. This is also placed on your certificate. Each wand comes with its own stand all wands and staff have been oiled to prevent them from drying out and cracking insuring your wand will last for many lifetimes. All wands & Staff will be cleansed before they are sent out to there owners love and blessing, Luna Raven Fire weaver.

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